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About us

Yangtze Business Services Ltd is a China-focused, London-based publisher and event organiser, specialising in transportation issues in the Yangtze region.

The world’s largest cargo-carrying river is playing a crucial role in the opening up of China’s interior – a top priority for the Chinese central government as it seeks to ensure a strong and sustainable economic growth for the coming decades. The Go West campaign, as it is known, is set to transform China’s economic landscape within the next 15-20 years, with significant implications for the world economy. 

For the time being, the Yangtze Valley is a largely untapped market. Relatively little foreign investment has ventured beyond the dynamic Yangtze River Delta region. 

Go West campaign

Yangtze Business Services exists to help the outside world understand what is happening to the Go West campaign; specifically, why modernising the Yangtze is so important for the Chinese government, what transport infrastructure is being invested in the region, and what opportunities exist for foreign companies.

We disseminate reliable information and independent analysis through a biennial publication, Yangtze Transport – Accessing China’s Interior. We organise The Yangtze Business Network, a regular networking conference in China that enables our clients to make meaningful contacts with port officials and other government agencies. We also help promote dialogue through organising business tours and Open Day events, for the Chinese to visit river ports overseas and for foreign businesses to visit Yangtze facilities.

Yangtze Business Services Ltd is registered at Companies House Cardiff (no. 6274216)

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