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Business tours

Yangtze port cities

For potential foreign investors interested in assessing the logistics challenges of moving into the interior, we organise regular fact-finding missions to leading Yangtze port cities. These tours typically last one day, allowing foreign investors the opportunity to see the improvements in intermodal transport infrastructure, visit some existing FIEs and to discuss issues with transport and investment officials.

We also offer tailored tours to suit the specific need and requirements of individual corporate clients.

Planned tour for 2010:

Overseas tours

For Chinese port cities, we organise overseas fact-finding missions for senior government officials in charge of ports, transport and inward investment. The major areas of interest for the Chinese at the moment are: 1. To learn from the experience of overseas counterparts in regenerating old cities and attracting inward investment on the strength of the ports; 2. To tie up with similar river ports overseas as sister ports for mutual benefit; 3. To learn how to run and manage modern river ports and logistics parks. Any foreign river ports or other organisations interested in establishing such a relationship or hosting such a delegation, please feel free to contact us at info@YangtzeBusinessServices.com.

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