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Our networking conference is currently held once every two years in Shanghai in April. It offers an intimate platform for Western investors to make meaningful contacts with Chinese decision-makers from across the entire length of the Yangtze, from the upper to the lower reaches. These senior officials come from the various city port authorities and from local governments in charge of transport, inward investment and urban development.

Each conference has a particular theme. Previously, for example, the theme was infrastructure projects. There are typically 10 speaking slots during the day, along with Q&A sessions and coffee breaks.

After the presentations, there is a 2-3 hour matchmaking session. This has proved to be very popular for many delegates. All the Western delegates are asked in advance which participating port cities they would like to meet, and they are then allocated 15 minutes each.

This is an intense, one-day event with a lot of information to take in and many people to exchange cards with. There will be simultaneous translation during all the presentations, but Western firms will need to bring at least one Chinese-speaking delegate to help converse with the Chinese officials in the matchmaking session.

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