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Please note the programme remains a work-in-progress and is subject to changes.

Thursday 22 March 2012
0830 – 0855 Delegate registration

0855 – 0900 Welcome from the organisers: Ms ZHANG Tingting, Managing Director, Yangtze Business Services

0900 – 0920 Shipping dangerous cargo safely on inland waterways
Mr Chen Zhengcai, Director of Transportation and Safety, the Chinese Ministry of Transport.
Mr Chen was responsible for drafting the State Council Decree 591, which took effect December 2011: the implementation of the new regulation and its impact on the future of China’s chemical industry.

0920 – 0940 Taking corporate responsibility for the Yangtze seriously
Dr Peter von Zumbusch, Chairman, The Association of International Chemical Manufacturers
AICM represents most of the World’s top 50 manufacturers present in China. When many of its members are investing and trading in the interior, what opportunities and challenges do they face along the Yangtze?

0940– 1000 Chongqing's fast-growing chemical industry
Mr Yu Hehai, Director of Economic Development, Chongqing Changshou ETDZ
Chongqing Chemical Industry Park has recently been upgraded to national-level status. It is one of the fastest-growing chemical zones in China. What are the municipal government's plans for a sustainable future?

1000 – 1030 Q & A session

1030 – 1100 Coffee break

1100 – 1120 Profile of a leading private shipping line
Mr Ma Zhilin, General Manager of Chongqing Golden Sail Shipping Company
Chongqing-based Golden Sail is one of the largest privately-owned chemical carriers on the Yangtze. The company has 33 new vessels coming on stream in the next two years: will they be up to international standards and what safety measures have they put in place? What major challenges does it face in coming years?

1120 – 1140 How long do DG vessels have to wait at the Three Gorges?
Mr Zhou Jianwu, Director of Navigation and Safety, the Three Gorges Administration of Navigational Affairs
What special procedures are DG vessels required to go through? What is the average time for DG vessels to pass the shiplocks? What are the implications on shippers’ inventory levels?

1140 – 1200 Improving safety standards of DG vessels and terminals
Mr Ben Lau, marine Marketing Manager and Lead Statutory Specialist, Lloyd's Register Asia
Mr Lau will talk about his company's involvement in improving vessel safety standards on the Rhine. What lessons might apply to the Yangtze?

1200 – 1230 Q & A session

1230 – 1330 Buffet sit-down lunch

1330 – 1350 Real-time supervision and the pilot shortage
Mr Luo Shengxiang, Director of Dangerous Cargo Supervision, Yangtze MSA
The Yangtze MSA has a remit between Anhui and Chongqing, the longest stretch on the Yangtze. What is their timetable to carry out real-time supervision? How are they tackling the pilot shortage problem?

1350 – 1410 Compulsory insurance: how might it help?
Professor Zhao Jinsong, Jiaotong University
Prof. Zhao will talk about how compulsory insurance might help maintain safety standards of DG vessels and terminals.

1410 – 1430 New era, new challenges
Mr Fan Guigen, Deputy Chief Engineer, Transport and Port Authorities of Shanghai Municipal Government
When producing new measures and rules, do the authorities take into account the commercial interests of companies and long-term prospects of the chemical industry?

1430 – 1500 Q & A session

1500 – 1530 Coffee break

1530 – 1730 The match-making session
Allocated meeting times will be detailed in a separate sheet available to delegates upon registration. All participating officials will have their own desks and signages. Delegates with appointments booked in the first timeslot should make their way to the appropriate desk at the sound of the first bell at 15:30. Bells will then be rung at 15-minute intervals to mark the end of one session and the beginning of another.

1730 End

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