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Chapter 1
The opening up of China’s interior, focusing on transport infrastructure in the Yangtze region, covering river, road, rail, air and intermodal capability

Chapter 2
Yangtze shipping trends and profiles of leading shipping lines

Chapter 3

Shipping infrastructure on the Yangtze

Chapter 4
River safety and dredging

Chapter 5

The Three Gorges Dam and its impact on Yangtze shipping

Chapter 6

Rail transport

Chapter 7
Road transport

Chapter 8
Transport investment opportunities, covering the road, rail, civil aviation sectors as well as the Yangtze

Chapter 9
The environment and water level concerns

Chapter 10

Shanghai and Yangshan deepwater terminal

Chapter 11
Rules and regulations

Chapter 12
Government body profiles

Port city profiles

Each of the 24 most important ports on the Yangtze, from Luzhou in the west to Taicang in the east, are profiled in detail. The profiles include an overview of the city’s economy and its leading industries, local transport infrastructure and port strengths and weaknesses, backed up with detailed tidal, berthing, mechanical handling, storage and contact information. The profiles also feature a local transport map and case studies of foreign-invested enterprises already operating there. Based on interviews with port managers and local manufacturing companies, the book provides an independent assessment of the port cities’ current transportation capabilities and their plans for the future.

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