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The Yangtze River Ports Association

The Yangtze River Ports Association exists to provide a link between the central government and the ports, one that previously existed but which disappeared with decentralisation. Currently it has 67 corporate members drawn from different sectors associated with the Yangtze, including ports, waterway management, the maritime affairs administration and transport research institutions. The ports association should be considered a first port of call for any outsider wishing to source information. It is able to provide up-to-date information on the general development of the Yangtze River ports and, if necessary, can carry out surveys and research projects on a commercial basis. One of its many important functions is to carry out research on the development strategy of the ports and to provide advice to the government on industrial policies. It also organises seminars and training courses (for both members and non-members) to promote modern management and technology. The association’s secretariat is located in Wuhan, in the same building as the Yangtze River Administration. It is part of the All China Ports Association, which is headquartered in Shanghai.

The Yangtze River Ports Association
Mr Lin Yunqing, Director
Mr Han Jisheng, Secretary General
Room 1606, 134 Yanjiang Dadao
Hankou district
Wuhan 430014
Tel: +86 (0)27 8276 7621
Fax: +86 (0)27 8277 6226
Email: cjgxbgs@sohu.com

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