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Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs

Set up under the authority of the Ministry of Communications (now the Ministry of Transport), the Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs is charged with administrating and regulating the Yangtze River as a shipping channel. It is also responsible for various river-related investments such as channel reconstruction, port construction and ship standardisation projects. In 2007 it spent some Rmb3.3bn on such projects. Jin Yihua is Director of the Administration, while Huang Qiang is Party Secretary. The Administration operates an ‘open government policy’, which means that all its departments and senior managers, along with their contact details, are listed on its website. The Administration has overarching responsibility for:

  • implementing the national waterway development strategy, government policies and regulations; organising and participating in the drafting of regulations governing the trunkline of the Yangtze and in due course implementing them; drafting of the development strategy regarding the trunk line of the Yangtze, medium- and long-term plans and five-year plans, and in due course implementing them;.
  • administrating and regulating Yangtze shipping as a marketplace and maintaining order and fair play; regulating the construction and development of ports and the waterway and the utilisation of shorelines; collecting relevant fees on behalf of the government;.
  • monitoring the quality of cargo and passenger shipping on the Yangtze trunkline and the quality of infrastructure and waterway maintenance projects;.
  • managing various aspects of the Yangtze trunkline, including the waterway, shipping between the hub ports, communications, piloting and hygiene supervision;.
  • managing safety and policing the trunkline according to regulations;.
  • liaising between the various provincial governments along the Yangtze and co-ordinating projects that fall between different jurisdictions;. • guiding the structural reforms of the shipping industry in the Yangtze; promoting scientific research and development; providing guidance over data collecting and data sharing in relation to the Yangtze shipping industry; facilitating government-level co-operation with other countries and promoting foreign investment; promoting the international exchange of experience, expertise and technology in relation to inland shipping.

Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs
134 Yanjiang Dadao
Hankou, Wuhan 430014
Tel: +86 (0)27 8276 7156
Fax: +86 (0)27 8281 8377
Website (Chinese version): www.cjhy.gov.cn

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