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Modes of Transport

China’s Go West campaign involves large-scale funding for a range of huge infrastructure projects to lay the groundwork for future development. A key element of the campaign is the modernisation of the Yangtze and its supporting road and rail networks. The central government’s aim is to prepare the ground for manufacturers to access the vast and largely untapped market in China’s interior, helping to facilitate an efficient and effective supply of raw materials, components and finished products into and out of the region.

Planners want to establish Chongqing as the regional logistics hub for the upper reaches of the Yangtze, together with Wuhan on the middle reaches and Shanghai on the lower reaches. In this sense, China is looking to follow the experience of the US, which in the 19th century started to build its trans-continental railway network, followed decades later by the interstate highway system. These vast transportation arteries opened up America’s interior, allowing Midwest cities such as Chicago and Detroit to flourish as part of the country’s industrial heartland.

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