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November 2008

Earthquake strikes near Three Gorges

26 November 2008
The China Seismological Bureau reported an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale in Zigui County, Hubei province on 22 November at 4pm Beijing time....

Fog impacts Yangtze shipping

26 November 2008
Persistent fog severely affected shipping in the mouth of the Yangtze River on 6 November, Shanghai port authorities said....

Forty airport projects to begin in 2009

26 November 2008
China will spend US$65.9bn billion on expanding or building at least 60 airports in the next two years....

Nanjing prioritises port expansion

26 November 2008
According to the provincial Xinhua Daily newspaper, Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu province, will spend more than Rmb23bn on developing its waterway and port by 2020....

New truck service to link SE Asia to China

26 November 2008
Kerry Asia Road Transport, the Thailand-based road unit of Kerry Logistics, is to start a trucking service between Kunming in southwest China and Bangkok....

Railways top Chongqing investment list

26 November 2008
The municipal government of Chongqing has announced that its top priority for investment in 2009 is the construction of two major high-speed railway lines, Chongqing-Guizhou and Chongqing-Kunming; these lines will eventually...

Yangtze cargo throughput falls

26 November 2008
The global financial crisis and the slowdown in the Chinese economy have affected throughput in the Yangtze trunkline ports....

Railways to benefit from stimulus package

19 November 2008
Spending on transport infrastructure looks set to increase following the central government’s recently announced Rmb4,000bn stimulus package designed to shore up the Chinese economy at a time of declining export orders....

Three Gorges water level rises to 172 metres

19 November 2008
The water level behind the Three Gorges dam reached 172.3 metres on 11 November at the culmination of a six-week trial storage operation....

Chongqing expressway section opens

3 November 2008
The western section of Chongqing’s external ring expressway will open to traffic in late January 2009, according to a subsidiary of Chongqing Expressway Development Corporation....
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