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Major rivers fail environmental checks

30 September 2009
Water quality levels in 30 per cent of China’s major river sections are below standard, according to officials at the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Sections of the Haihe River in Inner Mongolia, the Liaohe River in Jilin province, the Yellow River in Shanxi province and Dianchi Lake in Yunnan province all failed to pass recent environmental checks.

China has set a goal of improving water quality in 115 key river sections during the current five-year plan (2006-10). Eighty river sections were rated as ‘qualified’ in the inspections carried out by eight ministries over the past three months. The remaining 35 river sections failed the check due to inadequate investment in pollution prevention projects, poor sewage treatment facilities or high levels of ammonia nitrogen pollution. Build-ups of ammonia nitrogen are a result of industrial sewage discharge or excessive use of fertiliser. The reservoir area of the Three Gorges dam and the middle and upper reaches of Yangtze River also contain a high level of ammonia nitrogen, which is toxic to aquatic life.

A second round of checks will take place next February. Local government officials in charge of river sections that do not pass the next checks will be denied promotions until the problems are remedied, said the ministry.

One reason for continued high levels of pollution in China’s rivers is the shortage of funds available for water treatment projects. About 60 per cent of the government’s previously designated water pollution treatment projects remain unfinished, said an official from the ministry.
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