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First-ever Yangtze port survey shows aggressive building programmes

3 March 2010
The Yangtze River Administration under the Ministry of Transport has just completed a survey which, for the first time ever, identifies all the expansion and renovation projects across the 2,838km navigable length of the river. These projects, under construction, planned and likely to be approved, involve investments of Rmb27bn, equivalent to US$4bn.

Out of the 73 ports that responded to the survey, 46 submitted details of their projects, including the size, current status and purchasing list of required handling equipment and technology. Shopping list items include handling equipment for bulk, breakbulk, containers, ro-ro and oversize cargo, as well as operations management software, vessel-to-shore communications systems and other technology.

The administration is currently working with Yangtze Business Services to organise a summit on 25 May in Wuhan that will bring together Western suppliers and the Yangtze ports. A large number of participating ports have also expressed interest in joining an overseas fact-finding and procurement trip later in the year.

All Yangtze ports have been encouraged to upgrade their handling equipment and technology as part of a central government-driven programme to modernise the Yangtze by 2020. Tax rebates are being made available to Yangtze ports, among other incentives. The Yangtze ports are also one of the major beneficiaries of the government’s Rmb4,000bn stimulus package announced in November 2008.

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