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Yangtze MSA to launch electronic patrols this year

11 January 2012
The Director of the Yangtze Maritime Safety Authority Wang Rujun announced at a working meeting on 9 January that electronic patrols will be launched officially by the end of 2012 and as much as 30 per cent of the river within its remit will be covered.

Electronic patrols are a GIS (geographic information system)-based platform integrating with VTS, AIS, GPS, WIS, CCTV and a raft of other systems that enable maritime safety officials to carry out real-time supervision of vessels that are passing, anchoring, loading or unloading, as well as issue safety warnings and deal with violations.

A successful pilot scheme was carried out last year between Wuhu and Wuhan, according to Mr Wang. In the first month in the Wuhu section alone, he said, officials dealt with nearly 5,000 violations.

This year, he said that trials of electronic patrols will be rolled out between Wuhu and Luzhou in Sichuan province, the entire navigable length within his remit. Later on, it will be launched officially so that 30 per cent of the length will be covered by the end of this year.

The Yangtze stretch between Taicang and Nanjing is under the remit of Jiangsu MSA, while the Yangtze Mouth, between Shanghai and Taicang, is under the remit of Shanghai MSA. These are the two busiest stretches of the Yangtze, and both are already covered by electronic patrols.

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