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Wuhan Port upbeat on container growth

20 June 2012
Mr Gu Qiangsheng, general manager of Wuhan Port Group, told Yangtze Business Services that he is confident that container throughput could reach 460,000 TEU by the end of this year, up 15 per cent over 2011.

Following a decision on 9 May by Customs that approved Yangluo terminal (second phase) to be used for transhipment, container throughput has increased sharply from 30,000-36,000 TEU in each of the first four months to 44,700 TEU in May and 46,000 TEU expected in June, he said.

Wuhan Port Group, majority owned by Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), moved its container terminal from Yangsi to Yangluo (second phase) last June under a government re-development scheme. The relocation took three months to complete, but the co-ordination between local Customs offices upstream and downstream has taken longer than that.

When containers move from small vessels to bigger vessels at a transhipment terminal such as Yangluo, documentations relating to the origin of the cargo, name of the vessels carrying the cargo and final destination need to be co-ordinated and approved by Customs so as to ensure that the cargo cleared at the port of origin is the same cargo received at the port of destination, Mr Gu explained. Changsha is one of Wuhan’s major feeder ports.

Yangluo terminal (second phase), with four berths capable of handling 750,000TEU, is 100 per cent owned by Wuhan Port Group, while Yangluo terminal (first phase) is majority owned by China Infrastructure, a Hong Kong-listed company.

Mr Gu, the most senior manager seconded to Wuhan by SIPG, said that they will be working with a local partner, Wuhan New Port Investment Corp, on the third phase of Yangluo terminal. The project, estimated at Rmb1.6bn, will have another four berths with a capacity of 750,000TEU. Construction is expected to start by the end of this year.

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