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Shipper reports good reliability on Wuhan-Yangshan shuttle

19 September 2012
TPV, the world’s second largest OEM of computers behind Foxconn, has taken space on 108 Wuhan-Yangshan shuttle services between December 2011 and June 2012, and says that only two failed to reach their destination on time, both due to strong winds.

Over the 12 months up to June this year, the company used 180 barge shuttle services, of which 157, or 87 per cent, arrived in Shanghai within 72 hours.

The successful launch of the Wuhan-Yangshan shuttle service last July, backed up by local government subsidy, introduced for the first time on the Yangtze a high level of reliability to container barge services.

TPV is one of the largest shippers in Wuhan, with an annual average of 8,000 TEU. For a long time, they complained about frequent delays to barge services that caused at least 20 per cent of their monthly volume to miss the scheduled call of ocean vessels. Now they are able to reduce the time between their products leaving Wuhan and getting on the scheduled ocean carriers from 10 days to six or seven days. This, in turn, has shortened delivery times and reduced supply chain costs, according to the company’s logistics manager Robert Hu.

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