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Wuhan to open direct container rail service to Czech Republic

14 November 2012
Foxconn will start transporting US$5m-worth of electronic products by train direct to the Czech Republic by the end of the year, according to Wuhan Development and Reform Commission.

It will use a rail service that starts from the city’s Dongxihu Wujiashan container rail hub, covering a distance of more than 7,000km, and passing though Xian, Lanzhou and Urumqi before entering Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland before finally reaching the Czech Republic.

The service will be run by the Wuhan branch of China Container Rail Service Co on a fixed schedule and price without any stops, according to the commission. Customs will be cleared in Wuhan. The head of the branch, Peng Xianggui, said that it should take no more than 20 days for the cargo to reach its destination, compared with 40 days via waterway.

The commission said that the price for the rail service is about one third more expensive than shipping. However, details of the service have still to be finalised between the shipper, the carrier and the local government, it added.

In May, the first international direct container rail service was opened in Wuhan, linking the city with Ulan Bator of Mongolia. That service carried 48 FEU filled with 1,440 tons of cables on a 10-day journey covering 2,601km.

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