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January 2013

Chongqing pledges to rule by law

30 January 2013
Chongqing municipality achieved an economic growth rate of 13.6% in 2012, despite the fallout from the scandal of former party secretary Bo Xilai....

Cosco Pacific acquires Taicang stake from parent company

30 January 2013
China Ocean Shipping Co (Cosco) has transferred its 39.04 per cent stake in Taicang’s International Container Terminal in Jiangsu province to its own terminal operator, Cosco Pacific. Cosco group therefore maintains...

Express delivery times fall in 2012

30 January 2013
A study conducted by China State Post Bureau revealed that the average package delivery speed in China’s express sector fell from 60.5 hours in 2011 to 55 hours last year, Xinhua reported....

Major dredging project starts in Yangtze

30 January 2013
The Yangtze River Administration stated that Rmb4bn has been set aside for a major dredging project in the middle reaches of the river....

Wuhan bonded zone passes inspection

30 January 2013
Wuhan’s East Lake Integrated Bonded Zone, the first integrated bonded zone in Hubei province, has passed acceptance inspection by a group of government officials, Xinhua reported. The bonded zone is located inside Wu...

Yangtze police arrest alleged producers of fake crew certificates

30 January 2013
On 13 January, the Yangtze police arrested two people suspected of being involved in the production of fake crew members’ certificates....

Anhui sets out transport investment plan

23 January 2013
Anhui province in eastern China plans to spend up to Rmb45bn on transportation infrastructure this year, local authorities announced. Some of the funds will be spent on two new bridges that will span the Yangtze River, one...

Changzhou chemical berths open to foreign vessels

23 January 2013
Jiangsu provincial government has approved the opening to foreign vessels of recently completed chemical berths in the Luanzhou terminal area of Changzhou port....

Jiangsu ports expect to handle 20.5m TEU by 2015

23 January 2013
Jiangsu will expand the handling capacity of all its ports including the seaport of Lianyungang to 20m TEU by 2015, according to a provincial blueprint, while throughput volume is expected to exceed capacity slightly to 20.5m...

Railway cargo volume stays flat in 2012

23 January 2013
China’s railways carried 3.89bn tonnes of cargo and packages in 2012, unchanged on the previous year....

Survey reveals low wages in Hubei

23 January 2013
A recent survey, conducted by academics from Hubei Industry University and posted on Wuhan government website, showed that wages for workers in the “traditional manufacturing” sector in Hubei province were below R...

Waiting times soar at Three Gorges Dam

23 January 2013
The Yangtze River Administration under the Ministry of Transport has acknowledged for the first time that the five shiplocks at the Three Gorges Dam are operating at full capacity and that the long-term trend of an increasing...

Wuhan bans cargo trucking on bridges and in tunnels

23 January 2013
Wuhan Transport Police issued a notice on 17 January, stipulating that all the bridges and tunnels within the city’s three ring road system will be no-go areas for cargo trucks as of 1 February....

Yangtze dredging programme brings huge benefits, says official

23 January 2013
The dredging programme of the Yangtze River, which began in 2003, has created huge economic benefits for provinces and cities along the river, according to Xiong Xuebin, director of the Yangtze River Hydrographic Bureau. G...

China-Poland freight train service completes first run

16 January 2013
The first direct rail freight service between China and Poland arrived at Poland’s Lodz railway station two weeks after departing the Sichuan capital of Chengdu, reported Xinhua....

Chongqing initiative to boost public transport

16 January 2013
Chongqing Transport Commission announced last week that those people using the city’s pre-paid electronic cards for public transport will be entitled to free transfer within the hour between buses and the underground ra...

Chongqing to build 400km of expressways in 2013

16 January 2013
The southwestern municipality of Chongqing plans to spend Rmb41.8bn on highway construction in 2013....

High-speed railway boom to continue

16 January 2013
About 5,209km of new high-speed railways will be put into operation this year, 2,738km more than in 2012, according to a forecast by Switzerland-based global financial services provider UBS. In 2012, about 250 standard set...

Nanjing issues blueprint for developing waterways

16 January 2013
Nanjing city government issued a blueprint last week for developing waterway transport....

Petrochemical leak pollutes Shanghai port

16 January 2013
Improper loading procedures caused a petrochemical leak that polluted Jueshi terminal in Shanghai‘s Zhujing township on 10 January, local authorities said. Workers failed to fully shut down a valve while loading C9...

Toll-free highways for cars during Spring Festival

16 January 2013
China’s Ministry of Transport announced that highways will operate toll-free for passenger cars during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday. He Jianzhong, a spokesman for the Ministry, said passenger cars with seven...

Yangtze MSA issues low visibility alert

16 January 2013
Yangtze Maritime Safety Authorities have issued a low visibility alert following continuous heavy fog over the past few days in Yichang, Jingzhou’s Shashi district, Chenglingji and Wuhan....

Chongqing reduced to single lane traffic

9 January 2013
The severe drought in the upper reaches of the Yangtze has reduced some of the Chongqing section to single lane traffic, according to a story published in China Water Transport Newspaper on 8 January....

Fog disrupts inland airports

9 January 2013
Dense fog has caused major disruption at Chengdu Shuangliu airport in Sichuan....

Foreign vessel blamed for Yangtze waste discharge

9 January 2013
More than 162 cubic metres of contaminated water was discharged into the Yangtze River estuary by a Panamanian-registered cargo ship, according to the Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration and reported in China Daily. Th...

Landslide closes bridge near Three Gorges dam

9 January 2013
Two pedestrians were slightly injured in a landslide on 4 January near the Three Gorges dam, local government authorities said....

London-Chengdu air cargo service

9 January 2013
IAG Cargo, created following the merger of British Airways World Cargo and Iberia Cargo, is to start a three-times-a-week cargo service between London Heathrow and Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province....

Mayor apologises for Shanxi chemical spill response

9 January 2013
The mayor of the Shanxi city of Changzhi in northern China, where a chemical leak contaminated water supplies, has apologised for the delay in dealing with the incident. Mayor Zhang Bao said the municipal government had un...

Nanjing 4th Yangtze Bridge opens

9 January 2013
The Nanjing Fourth Yangtze River Bridge and Nanjing Raoyue expressway northeast section were opened to traffic on 24 December, marking the completion of the city’s 166km-long outer ring road. The bridge has a main sp...

Railways carry 333m tons of cargo in December

9 January 2013
China’s railways carried 333.25m tons of cargo in December 2012, according to Ministry of Railways data, a year-on-year rise of 1.88m tons....

State Council: prioritise public transport in cities

9 January 2013
The State Council issued a New Year directive that all local governments should prioritise the development of public transport in urban transport infrastructure planning, according to China Transport Newspaper published on 7...

Taicang to be classified as sea port

9 January 2013
Taicang, part of Suzhou port, is classified as a sea port as of 1 January, according to the Yangtze River Administration under the Ministry of Transport....

Yangtze container throughput grows 11% in 2012

9 January 2013
The latest official statistics from the Yangtze River Administration under the MOT show that container throughput via the major ports on the Yangtze trunkline totalled 12.4m TEU in 2012, up 10.9 per cent over the previous yea...

Yangtze MSA claims better safety record in 2012

9 January 2013
The latest report from the Yangtze Maritime Safety Authorities, in charge of the river section between Anhui and Chongqing, claimed that they handled 153 accidents last year, down 22 per cent on the previous year....
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