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Wuhan launches daily Yangshan shuttle service

13 March 2013
An upgraded shuttle service between Yangluo and Yangshan, dubbed the ‘Daily Yangshan’, will be launched on 26 March, according Liu Liping, general manager of China Shipping Wuhan. Wuhan Port New Authorities, representing the provincial government, is the driving force behind the improved direct service between Wuhan and Shanghai.

The three lines involved – Cosco, China Shipping and SIPG Jihai – have agreed to operate a daily service. At the moment, there is no departure from Wuhan on Sundays and Mondays.

According to Ms Liu, the three shipping lines have agreed to allocate space on their vessels to the other two lines in proportion to the total capacity they each commit to the route. For example, SIPG Jihai deploys the largest number of vessels to the route and is therefore allocated the largest capacity on the other vessels.

Wuhan Port Authorities started to promote the shuttle service last July by offering a subsidy of Rmb60,000 to shipping lines for each round-trip on the basis that 85 per cent of all their services over a period of three months reached Shanghai waters within 72 hours. Four shipping lines were licensed to run the route: Cosco, SIPG Jihai, Wuhan Changhai and Sinotrans Hubei.

Ms Liu could not confirm whether, by joining the improved daily service, China Shipping is in a position to receive government subsidies. It originally declined to participate in the bid on commercial grounds. Nor could she confirm whether China Shipping is going to shift part of its current capacity from Waigaoqiao to Yangshan rather than adding new capacity.

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