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Taicang becomes hub for domestic trade

8 May 2013
China Water Transport newspaper said recently that Taicang terminal, part of Suzhou port, is fast becoming a container transhipment hub for domestic trade. Last year, Taicang recorded a 36 per cent year-on-year growth in domestic trade-related container throughput to 2.66m TEU. This accounted for 66 per cent of its total container throughput of 4.01m TEU.

Domestic transhipment in Taicang started in February 2008, when two containers of rice arrived from Yingkou port. In 2012, rice and corn flour from northeast China accounted for 110,000 TEU in volume, reflecting Taicang’s growing importance as a hub in the transportation of rice grown in the north and destined for consumers in the south.

Other containerised cargo that arrives in Taicang for transhipment include light industrial products from Guangdong, fireworks from Hunan, chinaware from Jiangxi and rice from Anhui.

From 1 January this year, Taicang has been approved by the Ministry of Transport, the State Commission for Reform and Development and the Ministry of Finance to be treated as a coastal port. This means that piloting fees have been reduced to Rmb0.22 per ton from Rmb0.29 and stevedoring charges reduced to Rmb0.25 from Rmb1.10 per ton.

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