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Hefei to develop shipping on Chao Lake

22 May 2013
The international tendering process launched a year ago by Hefei government for the best plan to develop shipping on Chao Lake, an important tributary of the Yangtze River, is drawing to a close, according to a story published in China Water Transport newspaper. By August, the local government will finalise the blueprint and submit it to the provincial government for approval.

Situated to the south of Anhui’s provincial capital, Chao Lake is one of the country’s five major freshwater lakes. Silting and lack of investment, among other things, have shrunk the water surface area over recent years. It measures 21km at its widest. A network of 33 inland waterways converge on the lake, one of which, called the Yuxi River, connects it with the Yangtze.

The blueprint will aim to develop a low emission, eco-friendly transport mode by looking at the layout of terminals dedicated to containers, bulk and passengers with particular emphasis on efficiency to utilise the 185km shorelines. It will also evaluate dredging, vessel standardisation and an emergency response system.

In March, the city’s mayor told the local congress that a number of world-renowned research institutes had submitted proposals and that the government was determined to strike a balance between protecting the environment and facilitating the development of the local economy.

Five cities in Anhui are located on the Yangtze trunkline: Anqing, Chizhou, Tongling, Wuhu and Maanshan.

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