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Up to 40 missing in Sichuan landslide

10 July 2013
Between 30 and 40 people were buried by a landslide in Sichuan province on 10 July, local officials said. The landslide in Zhongxing was triggered by rain, according to the fire brigade of the provincial capital, Chengdu.

A Zhongxing official told AFP that 11 families were known to have been buried and more than 200 residents have been evacuated. Workers continue to search for others.

Elsewhere in the province, an entire section of a bridge collapsed in Jiangyou city on the morning of 9 July.

About 10 vehicles fell into the river, including two passenger buses, Sichuan Online News reported. Other sources gave different accounts of how many vehicles and people were involved. Local authorities said six vehicles were missing and denied that any buses or coaches were involved.

Rescue teams had been sent to Jiangyou to search for the missing.

The two-lane Qinglian Bridge was built in 1967 and it spans the Tongkou River, which had become visibly swollen in recent days following heavy rainfall.

Heavy rains also affected the central province of Hubei. Three people were reported dead, 7,000 houses destroyed and 114,000 residents were forced to relocate.

The heaviest rainfall occurred in Tuanfeng county, where 168mm fell in 24 hours.

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