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Luzhou-Wuhan-Taiwan service gets Three Gorges priority

20 November 2013
The Three Gorges Administration of Navigational Affairs confirmed recently that as of 14 October, the express service between Luzhou, Wuhan and Taiwan had been given special priority when passing the shiplocks at the Three Gorges Dam to ensure that vessels run smoothly and on time. In subsequent days up to 4 November, more than 2,100 containers had passed the bottleneck, according to the administration.

This service, which started on 29 September, connects manufacturers and consumers between Sichuan, Wuhan and Taiwan. Exports from Sichuan reach Wuhan via the Three Gorges for transhipment before arriving in Taiwan on larger ocean-going vessels. The entire journey lasts 16 days, according Sichuan government officials.

The journey time between Wuhan and Keelung takes no more than five days, according to Zhang Guangjun, deputy manager of Shipping Agency, Cosco Wuhan, and it has already brought benefits to consumers in Wuhan. “Prices for fruits from Taiwan have dropped tremendously in Wuhan,” he was quoted as saying. Cosco, now the largest container barge operator on the Yangtze, has chosen Wuhan as its transhipment centre and all cargo from the upper reaches will consolidate in the city before moving on to Shanghai, where the company operates regular ocean-going services.

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