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December 2013

Yangtze MSA issues cold front alert

18 December 2013
Yangtze Maritime Safety Authorities issued a safety alert on 16 December following a major cold front enveloping the entire river that had already plunged temperatures to below 10°C....

Three Gorges water level falls by a metre

18 December 2013
A report by the Three Gorges Administration showed that the water level behind the Three Gorges Dam has fallen by nearly 0.9 metres since it reached 175 metres briefly on 11 November....

Taicang reaps benefits of sea port status

18 December 2013
Taicang’s new status as a sea port has reduced shipping costs and improved efficiency for users, according to a report by China Water Transport published on 13 December....

New Chongqing terminal starts operations

18 December 2013
Chongqing Guoyuan terminal on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River was put into use earlier this month....

Zhangjiagang posts strong container growth

18 December 2013
The Yangtze River port of Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu province handled 1.38m TEU between January and October this year, an increase of 14.4 per cent year-on-year, according to a Xinhua report. General cargo throughput in this...

Fog disrupts Chongqing airport

18 December 2013
Heavy fog on the morning of 17 December delayed more than 60 flights at Chongqing Airport, affecting nearly 6,000 passengers....

Strong November container growth for Shanghai

11 December 2013
Shanghai port recorded a 4.3 per cent year-on-year increase in container throughput in November 2013, according to figures from Shanghai International Port (Group). The world’s busiest container port registered a vol...

Surge in Jiangyin’s coal imports

11 December 2013
The Yangtze port of Jiangyin in Jiangsu province imported 1.24m tons of coals valued at US$123m in the first 11 months of this year....

Record shipping throughput for Three Gorges Dam

11 December 2013
The throughput of the five-tier ship locks of the Three Gorges Dam will reach a record high this year, according to Ji Yujian, head of the Three Gorges Navigation Administration. By 7 December, the ship locks’ throug...

New Zhengzhou- Liège air cargo service

11 December 2013
Chinese air cargo specialist Navitrans is launching a freighter service between Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province, and the Belgian city of Liège....

Sustainable development focus for French in Wuhan

11 December 2013
French Consul General Philippe Martinet has said he will make sustainable development his main mission in developing ties between France and Wuhan, capital of Hubei province. Wuhan, a sister city to Bordeaux and Essonne, i...

Yangtze barge sinks in heavy fog

11 December 2013
A barge named Suhuai Cargo 10996 carrying 1,200 tons of sand sank near Jiujiang No.2 Power Plant on the morning of 8 December amid heavy fog, causing all four crew members to fall into the water, according to the China Water...

Increased water level set for Zhenjiang section

11 December 2013
A ceremony was held on 10 December to mobilise Yangtze waterway workers involved in laying new buoys along what is known as the Taipingzhou Fast Lane. The project is scheduled to finish by 30 December....

Nanjing lobbies central government for Yangtze shipping centre status

11 December 2013
Nanjing is lobbying the State Commission for Development and Reform to join Shanghai, Wuhan and Chongqing as a shipping centre in the national strategy for developing the Yangtze Economic Belt, according to China Water Transp...

InterMax acquires Yangtze barge company

4 December 2013
The China-based logistics company InterMax has acquired Hualong Shipping, a Yangtze River shipping company....

Chengdu and Qinzhou plan railway connection

4 December 2013
Two port authorities in southwestern China have signed a framework agreement to build a connecting railway....

12% growth in Yangtze foreign trade throughput in 3Q

4 December 2013
Latest statistics from the Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs under the Ministry of Transport show that foreign trade-related cargo throughput jumped 11.5 per cent year-on-year to nearly 64m tons during the...

Yangtze MSA sets up DG emergency response network

4 December 2013
Yangtze Maritime Safety Authorities has ramped up its dangerous cargo emergency response capability by setting up a series of equipment warehouses in Wanzhou (Chongqing), Wuhan (Hubei), Jiujiang (Jiangxi) and Wuhu (Anhui), ac...
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