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Yichang vessel detained for draught infringement

23 April 2014
Yichang Maritime Safety Authorities detained a local vessel trying to pass the Three Gorges shiplocks on 20 April. During a routine safety check, MSA officials noticed that the water level marker and load marker on the vessel were different to those on the documentation. Further investigation found that the actual draught was 4.4 metres rather than 4.2 metres shown on the vessel.

An earlier official announcement had stipulated that between 9 and 30 April, vessels passing the shiplocks should have a draught of no more than 4 metres (3.9 metres for those carrying dangerous cargo).

MSA officials detained the vessel and handed the captain a fine of Rmb5,000.

Recent rain storms over the past eight days, particularly between the 17 and 19 April, have raised the Yangtze’s water level. In Yichang, the level rose by 2.24 metres on 21 April compared with one week previously, while in Wuhan, it rose by 1.4 metres. The MSA has warned about increasingly complicated currents, large amount of waste material floating down the river, and an increasing risk of landslides.

Yichang MSA has started round-the-clock patrols at 11 of its stations and 180 of its officials have been dispatched to watch over anchorages, terminals and bridges.

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