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Wuhu becomes Anhui’s export transhipment port

2 July 2014
A scheduled container shuttle service between Anqing and Wuhu completed its maiden journey on 23 June, part of Anhui government’s efforts to develop Wuhu as the province’s container export transhipment centre.

The Anhui section of the Yangtze trunkline totals 800km, with its leading ports being Anqing, Chizhou, Tongling, Wuhu and Maanshan. Wuhu, home to domestic carmaker Chery, boasts one of the river’s largest handling capacities for ro-ro cargo, containers, bulk and breakbulk. It is effectively the furthest upstream Yangtze port accessible to 10,000-15,000 dwt ocean-going vessels.

Since 2012, the provincial government and local governments have produced a raft of incentives to encourage manufacturers and logistics providers to consolidate their overseas-bound containers in Wuhu. The measures include a reduction in tolls and subsidies for operating scheduled services to Wuhu. There are now more than 20 scheduled container services a week from Wuhu to Shanghai. One-stop customs clearance is also available in Wuhu.

The new Anqing-Wuhu shuttle service will run four times a week. Other container services from Chizhou and Tongling to Wuhu do not yet operate on a scheduled basis due to lack of volume.

As part of its efforts to utilise the full potential of the Yangtze and its network of tributaries in Anhui, the provincial government has already promised Rmb1bn investment in the current five-year plan to modernise the waterway and port infrastructure.

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