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The modernisation of the Yangtze transport corridor is a key factor in the opening up of the Chinese interior. However, there are few sources of up-to-date and reliable information on this subject inside China, let alone outside.

Our publications are written primarily for foreign investors, helping them to understand the far-reaching changes that are taking place in the region. We work closely with local government agencies, investors and independent research institutes to give readers an accurate picture of the most important trends and developments.

First published in 2006, our main publication is the investment guide Yangtze Transport: Accessing China's Interior.

We also produce customised reports and publish special reports on specific issues related to Yangtze transport.

Yangtze city profiles, extracted from Yangte Transport, can also be purchased in PDF format at £15 each. Choose from among the 24 ports covered, from Luzhou in the west to Taicang in the east. Click here for a full list of ports and sample copy.

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