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What they said about previous conferences:

Mark Hardy, Pacific Basin
“It was a very interesting conference and a great way to make contact with potential partners in the Yangtze.”

Solvig Topping, Plexus Cotton
“The conference was very useful and particularly the provision of transcripts online.”

Nick Winderlich, Panalpina
“The conference was very informative and helped us to extend our network.”

Cathy Zhou, Societe Generale
“It was my pleasure to attend the Yangtze Business Network, which was well organised. Thanks for your great effort in providing such a good chance for all the companies and government-related institutions to have a platform to communicate with each other.”

John Owens, Portia
“I really enjoyed the conference in Shanghai – it was well organised and hopefully the contacts made over lunch and in the afternoon will prove to be worthwhile.”

Yao Shangfu, Anqing Port Authority and Anqing Transport Investment Group
“This is a far better run conference than any of the government-organised events that I have been to. We made some very good contacts.”

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