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Government Body Profiles

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) is a powerful agency that studies and formulates policies for China’s economic and social development, and guides the overall restructuring of the economic system.

The Ministry of Commerce (Mofcom) is another important body in charge of drafting China’s laws and policies relating to foreign and domestic trade, including responsibility for attracting inward investment and ensuring that Chinese laws comply with WTO and other multilateral treaty obligations. The ministry is also deeply involved in overseeing the country’s ‘go west’ campaign, aimed at redirecting investment from the coast to the country’s interior. Both the NDRC and Mofcom have a vertical structure down to the local level.

Formed in March 2008, the Ministry of Transport, charged with overseeing the nation’s roads, civil aviation and waterways, is the key organisation responsible for attracting investment to drive development of the Yangtze River and its ports. It presides over the Yangtze River Administration of Navigational Affairs, which is charged with administering and regulating the Yangtze as a shipping channel. The Administration in turn funds the Yangtze River Ports Association, set up to provide a link between the central government and the ports.

The General Administration of Customs operates directly under the State Council and manages customs facilities throughout China, including on the Yangtze.
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