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YBN speaker profiles

Mr Chen Zhengcai, Director of Transport and Safety, Ministry of Transport
Mr Chen studied in Shanghai Maritime University and obtained an MBA from Tianjin Nankai University. He worked in Lianyungang Port, Jiangsu province for a number of years before being transferred to the Ministry of Transport. In the 1990s, Mr Chen was sent to study port management in Japan and over the past two decades, has participated in many international conventions representing China’s interest and expertise in regulations concerning the transportation of dangerous goods. He sits on the United Nations’ Committee of Experts of Global Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). In the process of drafting State Council Decree 591, Mr Chen was also in charge of co-ordinating different government departments such as the Ministry of Railway and Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Mr FanGuigen, Deputy Chief Engineer, Transport and Port Authorities of the Shanghai Municipal Government and member of the United Nations’ expert panel of DG Transport since 1989
Mr Fan studied chemistry in Fudan University and rose through the ranks in the 80s and 90s from a junior technician to senior engineer in the Port of Shanghai. In 2003 when the reforms separated the functions of government and operations, he became deputy chief engineer of the Shanghai Port Authority. In 2008, when Shanghai Municipal Transport Commission merged with the Shanghai Port Authority, Mr Fan was appointed deputy chief engineer of the enlarged government body, effectively becoming the city’s most senior regulator on the transportation of dangerous goods via road and waterway. He has been one of China’s most important technocrats, having penned the national standards of dangerous goods categories (GB12268-90) and the national standards of storing and transporting organic peroxide, among other chemicals. He is also a prolific writer of teaching manuals.

Dr Peter von Zumbusch, Chairman of the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) and President of Wacker Chemicals Greater China
After obtaining his PhD in chemical engineering and biotechnology from the Technical University of Hamburg in 1996, Dr von Zumbusch joined Wacker as a project engineer. He rose rapidly through the ranks until his appointment as head of procurement of equipment and services and becoming the Top Executive Staff in Wacker in 2003. It is at this point that he started to be involved in China. He participated in the early negotiations of Wacker’s Zhangjiagang project. In 2005, he relocated to China to take charge of the production site there. Wacker developed rapidly after that, setting up new production sites in Wuxi and Nanjing. By 2007, Dr von Zumbusch was in charge of all the company’s production sites in China and became the vice president of operations of Wacker Greater China. In 2008, he was appointed president of Wacker Greater China.

Mr Ma Zhilin, General Manager of Chongqing Golden Sail Shipping Co
Based in the Chongqing Chemical Industry Parkone, Chongqing Golden Sail is one of the largest privately-owned chemical carriers on the Yangtze. Mr Ma started his working career in a state-owned shipping company in Qianjiang, Sichuan province, following which he worked in the coal and oil trading sectors. In 1994 he became a transport official in the local area and until February 2000 was in charge of a state-owned barge operator. In 2003, he started a private shipping line named Golden Sail, training and recruiting immigrants displaced by the Three Gorges Dam project. In 2011, Chongqing Gaosheng Equity Investment Fund agreed to invest Rmb350m in the shipping line. A total of 33 new vessels up to 3,000dwt will come on stream in the next two years.

Mr Luo Shengxiang, Director of DG supervision, the Yangtze MSA
Mr Luo has extensive experience in the Yangtze, having served with the maritime safety authorities for more than 25 years. A Wuhan native, he worked first in Huangshi, a city downstream of the Hubei capital, rising through the ranks to become deputy director of the local MSA in charge of operations. He was then transferred to Yueyang, upstream of Wuhan, to take charge of operations in one of the most challenges sections of the Yangtze. In 2009, he was appointed to his current position, one of the most demanding jobs within the Yangtze MSA.

More speaker profiles to follow...

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